Across the canine training world, positive reinforcement has become the preferred method of action. As great as that can be, we worry that the infiltration of trophy generational ideals has left our society with dangerous and undisciplined dogs. Positive reinforcement is great, but it sure won't work after Jake takes a chunk out of your toddler's arm.


If you're dog enthusiasts like we are, then you would be inclined to agree that raising a puppy is equally important and challenging as raising a child. That's why we've designed a program based around a belief in disciplined action, similar to A&E's beloved show, "Scared Straight." (link here)


While our industry has zigged towards "give treats for everything," we've taken a creative zag inspired by this award-winning show. With the help of our tenured and very qualified professional trainers, we've put together a comprehensive curriculum to create our very own, dog-friendly, "Scared Straight Program."

Our proven training methods can be beneficial to both your dog and the numerous pit bulls here who we can't find a home. Similar to the show, we'll walk your little Santa's helper through an array of aisles, surrounded by seasoned and caged pit bulls. In just an hour, our trained professionals will inject some humility into your aggressive canine. A tired dog may be a good dog - as they say - but a scared dog is even better.

So if your pup has taken an alpha approach to your household, bring him to one of our upcoming traveling dates. We guarantee results or your money back. It's time you take back control of your home with our 100% expert-backed, Dog Sanctuary "Scared Straight Program."


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