Our Crew


Head Dog Trainer

When Caleb applied for the job in his hipster sweater and scarf, we knew we had our man. After working for the Tyson Chicken corporation as their head chicken tender, Caleb had a change of heart. Since then, he's been with us. Easy to say, we're happy he did!


Dog Trainer

A former rescue owner himself, Mike has loved training dogs for years. After being forced to close down his Virginia operation, Mike joined us to continue to pursue his passion.


Senior Dog Trainer

Jesse has been apart of the team since nearly the very beginning. His brash and tough attitude makes him perfect for training mean pups. Just don't ask him for relationship advice!



Shaun - a former drug addict - found his way to The Sanctuary through our partnership with Bayside Marin rehab center. Like these dogs, Shaun's only looking for a second chance.



What a sight; Stacy's beautiful style of training is unlike anything you've ever seen. We're lucky to have her!


Jr. Dog Trainer

Court has always been down for a wild ride. That's precisely why she made the unconventional career choice of dog training. To her, this is nirvana.