Back in 2010, our founder, Mr. Bigleys, noticed a strange trend in how dog owners were training their dogs. Every dog park he attended, he saw owners carrying small dog treats, rewarding their pup for any small things they did. If one thing was clear, it was that the trophy generation had flooded the dog market.

There was a time when dogs running out of the house was their choice. If they chose to run away and live in the wild, they were simply considered dumb dogs. Natural selection took care of those dim-minded enough to leave free food on the table, quite literally.

To bring back that old-school fear based training mentality, our brave owner started his own "Scared Straight Program" inspired by the award winning show on A&E. 

Since opening shop in 2012, we've managed to set straight hundreds of soft dogs who thought they were tough; All with minimal casualties. Today, we've taken our show on the road to help dogs across the nation as the COVID plague continues. Join us on one of our upcoming dates, and change your dog forever!


 The Dog Sanctuary has been mentioned in news pieces by the Armenian Weekly, the Sun-Sentinel, the Tundra Times, and more. 

Dog of the week


Taco - affectionately referred to as "El Chapo" - was an aggressive Chihuahua Mix known to terrorize his suburban neighborhood. Since entering the scared straight program, he hasn't barked or attempted to leave the couch since. His #DogMom raves, "He's terrified to even leave the house."

Trainer of the week


​Jesse Gregory joined our organization back in 2013. His love for pit bulls has given him the tools to set our customer's puppers straight. This week we celebrate him! Thanks, Jesse!

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King's Before & After

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Lola's Before & After
$35 Scared Straight Program - Puppies Under 5 Months
We recommend joining the program sooner than later. Vets agree that the earlier your dog experiences traumatic fear, the sooner they'll become docile.




New Year, New Dog at Golden Gate Park, CA - 1/2/21, 1pm​
Start the New Year on fire! On January 2nd, join us to set your dog straight!


Poverty Pit Bull Surrender at Tucson, AZ - 1/7/21, 11am

Unfortunately, 70% of pit bulls are adopted by those who are monetarily and/or IQ deficient; 15% are daddy issue induced women; while the final 15% are those who have bumper stickers on their Chevy Suburban. If you're the first one, giving up the dog may be the best option. We promise that we will give your bundle of debt a sense of purpose.

Valid till March